Our mission is to connect the best global talent with the best opportunities.

Remotely uncovers the best talent across the globe and connects these engineers to the best opportunities. We remove the operational friction that comes with managing a team outside the US to make these relationships last.

Who We Are

We're a team of serial entrepreneurs and engineers passionate about democratizing access to economic opportunity, exposure to technical challenges, and access to inspiring leaders that have remained captive within a few zip codes.

We built Olapic, a SaaS company that helps brands boost revenue through user-generated images, and grew the company through a $130M acquisition in 2016 (by Monotype). Key to our success was our 100+ person remote engineering team in Cordoba, Argentina that we built from the ground-up.

The obvious truth: our dollar stretched a lot further in Argentina than it would have in the US. Equally as important, our remote employees delivered the best levels of engagement, loyalty, and effort.

We had better capital efficiency thanks to higher employee retention, productivity, and being the big fish in a small pond.

Remotely works founders
Remotely Works founders

Investing in Software Engineers as an Asset Class

We're firm believers that great talent can be found anywhere, but opportunities, up until now at least, have been accessible to the few that lived in specific tech hubs.

There is a global imbalance between supply and demand for software development. More recently, US companies have started looking outside US borders for talent, driven by the absurdity of salaries in main US tech hubs and the realization that, with the right culture and infrastructure, remote teams can and will thrive.

The hurdles to setting up a global team can seem too big to surpass for many US-based entrepreneurs. We’re changing that.

Access to a network, trust in the talent, the necessary HR and legal infrastructure, and even cultural understanding. We faced these challenges first-hand while building Olapic and are systematically taking the learnings from this experience to build Remotely. At Remotely, we strive to be the partner we wish we had when building Olapic – enabling startups to tap into top global technical talent around the globe with ease.