The Remotely difference

Remotely’s business model is different from other deep job platforms or marketplaces. We help you build a development team, not buy a team – providing the closest option to your in-house hiring, and serving as your long-term partner for growth.

Fundamental to our approach: when you hire a Remotely engineer, it is your talent investment. Your developers keep 100% of what they make, a rate negotiated with you directly. We provide you with the infrastructure to grant them equity, and, if desired, even to bring them under your own umbrella in the future.

Get started, commitment-free

Open a job opportunity and see fully-vetted candidates matching your needs within 48 hours. If you don’t hire – you don’t pay!

Our pricing model

Costs per engineer (monthly)

For each software engineer actively working (full-time) for your company, you pay two discrete fees per month: one for the compensation of the software engineer (100% goes to his/her bank account), and the second for Remotely´s services.

Engineer compensation

Negotiated with each engineer directly

This is the core of your talent investment – a fixed monthly rate negotiated directly with your full-time Remotely engineer (he/she keeps 100%).

Note: The cost of talent varies by market and role, but you can estimate this cost to be roughly 50% of US rates. See our 2022 Compensation Report for a more detailed view.

Remotely management fee

Flat monthly fee

Includes payroll management, PTO management, private health insurance reimbursement, dedicated operations & IT manager, employee development and more.

Ongoing recruiting

Hiring for new roles? You can recruit for unlimited roles with Remotely for a flat monthly fee.

Remotely recruiting

Flat monthly fee

Includes recruiting and screening candidates, and management of the recruitment and hiring process by a dedicated Remotely talent manager.

Note: You are only charged this fee when you have open roles with Remotely.

One-off charges & deposits

Across the lifecycle of your relationship with Remotely and with Remotely engineers, you may see the following additional line items on an invoice

New hire or rate change

Upon hiring a new software engineer or increasing/decreasing the rate of an existing engineer

Security deposit

A deposit held by Remotely to cover any termination fees that may be due to an engineer. Any remaining balance is returned to your company (customer) post-termination.

Procurement of equipment

The cost of equipment (e.g. laptop) procured by Remotely for an engineer working with your company (customer). The customer pre-approves a quote, solicited from a provider, prior to purchase. Remotely makes no profit; equipment legally belongs to your company (a company asset).

Ad hoc

As needed throughout your engagement with Remotely

Reimbursable expenses

Pre-approved out-of-pocket expenses incurred by a Remotely engineer and due to be reimbursed (e.g. work travel). Reimbursable expenses may also include expenses incurred by Remotely to cover company (customer) specific requirements (e.g. specific background checks for SOC2 compliance). 


Corrections to solve discrepancies between what Remotely has paid out on the client’s behalf and what the client has been invoiced (prior billing). These discrepancies are typically due to new hires or increased compensation that went into effect after the last invoice date and prior to the start of the new month.

Termination or resignation

Upon termination or resignation of an engineer you’re working with

Termination fee

A fee due to an engineer if he/she is terminated by the company (customer). The amount of the termination fee due is equal to one month of compensation for each year the developer has worked for you (capped at two months of compensation).

Unused PTO

Any earned and unused PTO days due to be paid to the engineer upon termination or resignation at his/her daily rate.