Refer a company that needs engineers and earn a share of Remotely's fees

If you're enjoying partnering with Remotely to build your own engineering team, or are a fellow entrepreneur or investor who believes in what we're doing - join us as a Remotely Ambassador and earn 10% of Remotely's first-year fees from your referrals.

Why we work with Ambassadors

Technology companies partner with Remotely to build and retain engineering teams outside the US. We match top engineering talent around the world with career-defining opportunities at fast-growing startups. Today, 100% of the startups we work with have come through the recommendation of a customer or a friend who knows us well — which is why we created the Remotely Ambassador program.

Map: global talent

The profile of an Ambassador

We believe in genuine recommendations - so our ambassador program is limited to those who know Remotely well. Our ambassadors are either:


of Remotely who have seen our value first-hand, and want to help fellow founders & CTOs succeed.

Fellow Entrepreneurs

that know Remotely and/or our founders well, and want to help fellow entrepreneurs.

Investors or VCs

that know Remotely, and may have portfolio companies already partnering with Remotely.

How it works



Apply to become an Ambassador by filling out this form with your name, email address, and company information.



You can refer startups to Remotely in one of two ways:

1. Have a potential referral in mind?

We use a double opt-in approach — we'll ask you to get "permission" from both sides prior to making the introduction. You'll email us with their Linkedln profile URL (at for our feedback, and then confirm with your potential referral that they're interested in connecting with Remotely (however you see fit). If both sides agree, you'll make the introduction!

2. Have a broad network?

We'll provide you with access to a tool that helps identify which of your Linkedln connections might be a good fit for Remotely.



If you refer a company to Remotely and becomes a partner, you'll earn 10% of Remotely's fees (for the first year)! We will send you a monthly transfer until the 1st anniversary of the startup's signing date with Remotely.

Ready to help fast-growing, VC-backed startups build their engineering teams?