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Remotely helps US startups hire and retain high-performing, remote software engineers to scale faster and more competitively.

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Screenshots from Remotely platform (curated talent marketplace)

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Access top talent in less competitive markets

Proprietary technology plus hands-on, local experts allow Remotely to match you with your ideal developers — at a better cost.

Top quality, senior developers

5+ years of technical experience, solid communications skills, and an entrepreneurial mindset

Less competitive hiring markets

Stretch your budget further without sacrificing quality, and enjoy higher engagement and retention too.

It really does feel like a partnership. I think our incentives and motivations are aligned: finding the best long-term talent.

Lisa Jiang

Co-founder & CEO


Lisa Jiang

Faster hiring that doesn’t slow you down

We take on extra work so you don’t have to: from building your company profile, to vetting candidates and extending offer letters

Fully vetted candidates in 48 hours

Post a new job opportunity and have fully-vetted candidates (who actively expressed interest in your role) presented to you within 48 hours.

Dedicated local talent manager

Your dedicated local talent manager is with you every step of the way to find you the best-fit candidates, and ensure the process is fast and smooth.

Clear, streamlined process

A clear process aligned to your business needs, an easy way to provide feedback and triage candidates, and full visibility for you and your team.

This is amazing probably half the cost of the US. More importantly, we found someone in a month that we couldn't in six months.

Twentyeight Health

Co-founder and CEO

Twentyeight Health

Twentyeight Health

Your talent investment, our support

Control over developer compensation

You own compensation negotiations and decisions for each engineer you hire, from salary to equity — and we never take a cut. It’s your talent investment.

Aligned for long-term success

We don’t just help you find talent — we work to ensure your talent is successful and retained for the long-term. Shared goals; aligned incentives.

Everything you need to hire and manage your team, in one place

puzzle pieces

Hands-on recruiting

Sourcing & Vetting candidates

Hands-on candidate matching

Recruiting/Interviewing process management

Hiring & onboarding

Streamlined offer letters

Equipment procurement & IT support

Payroll & expense management

Payroll management: pay everyone with one bulk payment

Expense reimbursement workflow

Talent management

Career management and coaching

PTO management

Terminations and resignations

Why top developers choose Remotely


Full-time, long-term roles

You choose them – and they choose you. They are mission-aligned and invested in your company’s success for the long-term, often receiving equity in your company as a part of their compensation.


Transparent compensation

They negotiate their compensation with you directly – they know exactly what they’re making, and so do you. It’s a meritocracy, you’re free to increase as you see fit, and it flows directly to your developer.


Clear, streamlined process

Aligned to your business needs, an easy way to provide feedback and triage candidates and full visibility for you and your team.

About Remotely

We’re a team of serial entrepreneurs and engineers passionate about bridging the gap between untapped talent and amazing startups.

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