Remotely operates globally in less competitive talent markets.

This typically means markets with a lower cost of living and a lower concentration of opportunities in startups and innovative companies but with deep pools of tech talent available.

Why hire outside of the US?

We are believers that great talent can be found anywhere in the world. Opening yourself up to hiring outside the US widens the talent pool and enables companies to access more qualified talent to drive desired growth. The talent shortage is real for US startups, but companies have the opportunity to “fish in a bigger lake” to find top talent that better fits their needs.

Navigating compliance and culture

By teaming up with Remotely, you can expand your hiring base beyond the countries you support with ease. Let Remotely take care of all the hassles that come with setting up a business presence in another country – in addition to the challenge of trying to recruit in a new market where you lack the network.

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Managing time zone overlap

When recruiting for a role, we work with you to understand what time zone overlap works best, and match you exclusively with candidates who meet those needs.

This may mean looking exclusively within talent hubs in your own time-zone, or expanding to those that allow for a partial overlap (e.g. 4 hours).

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Understanding the cost of top talent

Remotely has developed “salary range” equivalents for individual geographic markets to help set expectations for companies with regards to expected pay.

2022 Cost of Talent:
2022 Cost of Talent:
2023 Compensation Guide:
Cost of Talent
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