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Remotely helps startups build and retain high-performing, remote engineering squads to scale faster and more competitively.

What you get

Full product squads

We provide pre-vetted tech teams with experience working together so you can experience faster hiring and onboarding, faster time-to-delivery, better retention and higher employee satisfaction.

Less competitive markets

We tap into top tech talent in Argentina and Spain, regions with world-class engineering talent but fewer high-growth startup opportunities (and less competitive salaries) than the US.

Talent-centric culture

We are a developer-first marketplace, providing top benefits, training & development, to workspace and community support so your team can do their best work for you.

Streamlined operations

We take care of all the headaches that come from having a team in a new jurisdiction: local G&A, IT infrastructure, legal, accounting, local HR, banking & payroll.

We help your company grow

We help your company grow one remote team at a time, whether you’re building an MVP or need to scale up quickly. We recruit and retain top-performing talent through our deep network of engineers in Spain and Argentina and our proprietary technology that derives insights from open source repositories, Gitsight.

Our objective is to create long-term partnerships with startup founders and experienced enterprises to help you grow your business with great tech talent that is fully integrated and committed to your company.

About us

We are a team of engineers and entrepreneurs who built Olapic, a SaaS company that helps brands boost revenue through user-generated images, and grew the company through acquisition in 2016 ($130M by Monotype).

Key to our success was our 100+ person remote engineering team in Cordoba, Argentina that we built from the ground-up.

Today, our Remotely team is based in New York, London and Cordoba, and spends a great deal of time in Spain where three of our four founders were born and raised.

We now want to help other startups succeed by helping you build and retain high-performing, remote teams.

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