Mary Alvarez
Developer STORy

Mary Alvarez

Senior QA Engineer
The best value that Remotely has is its transparency...the process, the payments. You know what’s going on, you can feel very comfortable.

Mary is a QA Engineer with over 14 years of experience. She lives in Bolivia and has spent her career working in remote roles. Mary recently joined the Remotely developer network where she’s now working as a Senior QA Engineer at Pinata, the leading media management company for the creators and developers building the future of web3.

Transparency: from processes to pay

From Mary’s point of view, the best thing about Remotely is its transparency: from the process of finding a role to your compensation and beyond. She explained that throughout the interview process, it was always apparent what the next steps would be (e.g. how many interviews were ahead and with whom) and she consistently received clear feedback almost immediately after each interview. Further, she was able to negotiate her compensation directly with the startup she would be working with – and knew that she would take home 100% of it. 

The best value that Remotely has is its transparency...the process, the payments – you know what’s going on, you can feel very comfortable, you can speak what you’re thinking.

Finding a job: the perfect match

Mary accepted a role with Pinata pretty quickly after joining Remotely. “I love challenging projects… so it was awesome. From the first time I saw what [Pinata] was about, I was in love with the company. I’m very glad I’m working on that company… Every day you learn something new.” 

It was just what [Remotely] promised me: they promised they would find a job for me… the perfect match for me. I felt that way. They sent me some positions and they were perfect for me.

Mary's role as a Senior QA engineer at Pinata is her first role in the web3 space, and she’s loving it. She doesn’t feel like “just another employee.” She collaborates closely across the organization and feels heard by her teammates and managers, from day-to-day work, to process improvement recommendations and more.

I joined Pinata through Remotely. It’s an awesome company with a great work culture. I’m so happy Remotely helped me find this company. My days are very fun working there. I’m having a great time…

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