How it Works

Find your dream job through Remotely

Remotely operates globally in less competitive talent markets. This typically means markets with a lower cost of living and a lower concentration of opportunities in startups and innovative companies.

Step 1
Apply to join the Remotely network!

The form is short and sweet, and takes about five minutes -- even less if you have up-to-date LinkedIn and Github profiles.

If you don't meet our screening criteria (seniority, English level, etc,) we'll let you know right away. You can always come back to us if/when those circumstances have changed.

Step 2
We'll get to know each other better "face-to-face"

Schedule a meeting with us so we can get to know you, your skills and experience, aspirations, and more.

Step 3
Complete technical deep dives & review your developer profile

We'll dive a little deeper into your technical expertise and tech skills, and start building your developer profile based on what we’ve learned about you.

This profile the first "interaction" startups will have with you. We need your help to make your profile perfect: adding projects and tech evidence is always a good idea!

You’re now in the Remotely developer network
Step 4
Get matched!

Remotely will send you job opportunities at top US startups that we believe can be a good fit for you, personally and professionally.

We consider your long-term career goal and interests, the type of culture we believe you’d thrive in, and of course, your salary expectations. You decide whether you're interested in pursuing each opportunity. If you apply, a Talent Manager will contact you to start the process and help you through all of it.

We make it easier to evaluate opportunities by sharing a robust profile of each startup (in addition to the description of the role itself), which includes videos with some of the company's leadership or key stakeholders.

Step 5
Interview with your top picks

You'll follow an interview process with one or multiple startups, with support and feedback along the way.

We provide whatever level of support you need to feel confident and prepared for interviews: from practicing conversational English to framing your experience, getting comfortable with live-coding exercises, or even talking through what questions you might want to ask to make sure the opportunity is the right fit for you (you’re interviewing them too!).

Step 6
Get job offers!

When a startup wants you to join their team, you'll receive an offer. You can negotiate compensation directly with the startup, and will then sign a formal offer letter with Remotely. All offers include holidays and PTO, as well as health insurance reimbursement.

Congratulations! Here’s when the fun starts.

Once you accept an offer, you'll become a Remotely contractor, working full-time directly with the startup you have interviewed and negotiated with. You’ll be paid by Remotely at the same time every month, in USD.

Remotely will support you every step of the way: making sure you’re setup for success and have the resources you need to thrive, from onboarding to career management and general logistics. As a part of the Remotely network, you’ll have access to career coaching, English classes, a community of fellow Remotely developers (in your country and beyond) and more.

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