Belen Zapata
Developer STORy

Belen Zapata

Senior Frontend Engineer
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Belen is a senior front-end engineer with over 5 years of professional experience, based in Chaco in northeastern Argentina. She was working in an agency setting prior to joining Remotely in late 2021, where she started working as a front-end engineer with Minded. 

Getting started with Remotely

Prior to Remotely, Belen worked in an agency setting, working with different clients on a project basis. She found the transition into the Remotely network seamless: it was easy to get set up, and she can trust that her payment will always be there, on time… "no issues."

It’s the first place I’ve worked where I felt I was actually part of the client team. It’s full of cool people, and I have found a lot of transparency and support from Remotely. I would definitely recommend it.

Day-to-day life in a consumer telehealth startup

Belen works on the front-end side at Minded, a consumer telehealth company that makes getting mental health medication easy and affordable. She collaborates closely with Minded's backend engineers to develop new functionality and provide production support across two applications: (1) the patient experience and (2) the admin tool for healthcare providers.

Belen has been able to experience the benefits of remote work, but also in-person collaboration and relationship-building. She recently traveled to the United States for two days of on-site meetings with the full Minded team. At the off-site, she was able to meet the co-founders and get connected with folks in different roles. The experience helped her fully grasp the size of the team and what they were trying to accomplish together. The planning was easy with the help of the Remotely team, who coordinated the flights, the dates, and all of the logistics of her travel – whenever she needed them, they were there.

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