Fernanda Duarte
Developer STORy

Fernanda Duarte

Frontend Engineer
It’s really nice to have access to a lot of serious companies, be able to choose which company I want to apply to, and to have some information about the company first. I found that I was respected as a person and my needs were always considered.

Fernanda is a front-end engineer living in Brazil. She has 6 years of experience (primarily working with React.js, Javascript, and Typescript) and joined the Remotely network in early 2022 to find her first role with a US-based company.

Finding a role with a US-based company for the first time

Fernanda was looking to take the next step in her career – and wanted to have her first experience working with a US-based company when she got in touch with Remotely. 

Remotely is a company which helps you to find a great job in a great fit for you, think about your needs, and Remotely can provide you the security of working with a serious company.

Fernanda felt like the team at Remotely was looking out for her, trying to understand what she was looking for, and making sure they fulfilled those needs, “It was not just about getting a job, it was getting the right job for me.”

Working in a fully-remote company through Remotely

Fernanda joined Select Star, an automated data discovery platform, as a Frontend Engineer. Select Star is a US-based company with a fully-remote team. She loves being at a company with great diversity: “a lot of different people from a lot of different countries.”

Fernanda is happy with the balance she has in her role at Select Star: she’s learning a lot, and also has a lot of value to contribute – she can use a lot of her knowledge to deliver value. “I am a part of the team... they respect my opinions, they try to make me improve myself, they share about the business… I’m not just there working and delivering some features.” 

Ongoing support from Remotely

One of the most valuable aspects of Remotely, for Fernanda, is having ongoing support— someone to help her if she ever needs it. Working for a company headquartered in the US provides great benefits, but there are also a lot of differences that would be difficult to navigate independently. Remotely fills this gap.

The close relationship with Remotely… I know I have someone to help me if something happens or if I need some help. It’s not only me talking to a company in people in another country where I don’t know anything about the culture, the laws, not about anything.

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