Bluecore: Leading a Remote-First Engineering Organization at a Unicorn

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In the challenging world of tech, companies are constantly looking for innovative ways to stay ahead of the game and build more sustainable businesses. One such unicorn in the martech space is Bluecore, a Multi-Channel Marketing Platform that uses predictive intelligence to trigger, prioritize, and personalize retail marketing. Bluecore revolutionized the way brands connect with their customers, but they have also adopted a competitive, remote-first approach.

We sat down with Arvind Krishnan, Bluecore's SVP of Engineering, to delve into the specifics of how a remote-first approach applies to engineering teams, and how they have successfully integrated remote employees and contractors.

Bluecore's Remote-First Philosophy

Bluecore stands out as a remote-first company, and their approach to remote work is both thoughtful and comprehensive. We had the opportunity to sit down with Arvind Krishnan, who shed light on how Bluecore ensures a flexible and productive remote work environment.

Flexible Hours and Work-Life Balance

One of the key pillars of Bluecore's remote work strategy is providing employees with flexible working hours. This flexibility allows employees to strike a balance between their work and personal lives, contributing to overall job satisfaction. In an industry known for its demanding schedules, this approach sets Bluecore apart. This approach empowers engineers to manage their schedules effectively, striking a balance between their work and personal lives.

Soliciting Feedback

Bluecore understands that a successful remote work culture hinges on open communication and feedback. They actively seek feedback from their employees, covering everything from technical work to compensation. This feedback-driven approach allows Bluecore to continuously improve and adapt to the evolving needs of their workforce.

Investment in Learning and Development

Bluecore takes employee feedback seriously and uses it as a catalyst for positive change. For instance, when employees expressed a desire for more investment in learning and development (L&D), Bluecore responded by creating programs and collaborating with partners to enhance their L&D initiatives. This commitment to professional growth ensures that Bluecore's team remains at the forefront of the martech industry.

Hiring Employees vs. Contractors in Engineering:

Arvind Krishnan explained that Bluecore's engineering managers have the autonomy to decide whether to hire full-time employees or contractors, tailoring the approach to the specific needs of the engineering teams. Importantly, Bluecore treats remote contractors in engineering as an integral part of the team, ensuring their active participation in company-wide communication channels and offering them fair compensation. Several contractors have even been promoted, showcasing the company's recognition of their contributions.

Tips for CTOs in a Remote-First World

Arvind Krishnan's insights provide valuable guidance for CTOs leading remote engineering teams. He emphasized the critical importance of setting clear engineering priorities and ensuring alignment with executives across the company. Bluecore achieves this by fostering open communication channels and helping engineering team members understand how their work directly contributes to the company's overarching goals. This clarity is key to keeping engineering teams motivated, focused, and aligned.


Bluecore's SVP of Engineering, Arvind Krishnan, sheds light on the company's remote-first approach and how it specifically applies to their engineering organization. By prioritizing tailored flexibility, feedback-driven excellence, and continuous learning and development for engineering teams, Bluecore demonstrates that a remote-first strategy can propel engineering innovation and success in the martech industry. Bluecore's unique approach solidifies its position as a true unicorn in martech, making it a model for engineering organizations looking to thrive in a remote-first world.