Lucas Espindola
Developer STORy

Lucas Espindola

Senior DevOps Engineer
Remotely gets you connected with great places to work, and figures out everything you need so you can focus on doing your job.

Lucas is a DevOps engineer based in Brazil. When he connected with Remotely in late 2021, he wanted to transition into the web3 space – which Remotely helped him accomplish.

Finding his first software engineering role in the web3 space

“Remotely presented me with some options [of] great companies they were [in] contact with,” Lucas explains. He liked the organization of the information: a clear profile of the company itself, as well as details on the specific roles. Lucas dove straight into the opportunities: “I was getting excited to look into this particular company, Pinata… and kind of fell in love with what they were doing.” Pinata is the leading media management company for the creators and developers building the future of web3 – securing and moving data with #IPFS for #blockchain and #crypto applications. It's backed by Greylock, a top VC.

Lucas joined Pinata as a Senior DevOps Engineer, where he focuses on scaling infrastructure and making sure the business can grow. Given the explosive growth Pinata has been experiencing, this is a critical role.

“Pinata is a major player in the space, and they have some great technology inside that most people are not aware of. They’re major enablers of the IPFS and NFT storage space, so i got attracted to that and the challenge presented to me, and scaling and overall improving the system. I figured that it was a hit, not a miss so far! I’ve been having a great time working with them as a team.”

The overall experience has been great so far, and all thanks to Remotely for helping me with that, and being the major enabler of this relationship that I have today with Pinata.

The transition from web2 to web3

When asked about the transition from web2 to web3, Lucas says there’s a bit of a learning curve because things work a little bit differently. “But once you get into web3, you’re naturally excited about the new technologies in the space and excited about how things should function in a more optimized way, in a more decentralized way. So you kind of get the benefits of getting to know a new piece of technology that makes you feel like ‘my work is important’ and really could enable, in the future, us humans to do more with decentralization and ioT..."

Lucas is bullish on web3. While the crypto space is what people think of, he's is a strong believer that there are so many other things web3 can enable as well.

I feel like more people should work in web3 because it’s the future, and I’ve been having a great time so far just getting to know more. There’s a lot to do, a lot of challenges – but it has been really fun.

Unique opportunities for learning and collaboration in a remote work world

Last month, Lucas attended an IPFS conference, IPFS þing, in Iceland with some of his Pinata teammates (including others working through Remotely!). “It was a great experience to exchange information about the whole web3 space, and got a huge boost in overall enjoyment… there are so many opportunities.”

I would say, for anyone looking into working for US company, to take a look at Remotely because they are real enablers – and you can focus on your work instead of figuring out the bureaucracies around the different things you have to get set up to work through an offshore company.

How does Lucas describe Remotely? "A company that gets you connected with great places to work, and it figures out for you everything you need so you can focus on doing your job – and not focus on how you’re going to get paid or how you’re going to send invoices, or how you’re going to manage expenses. It gets all figured out by Remotely, and it’s just great – because you have more time to do your job."

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