Mauricio Dottavio
Developer STORy

Mauricio Dottavio

Front-End Lead Developer
Since I joined Remotely, I’ve experienced an amazing boost in my professional career. I’m now where I always wanted to be as a Software Engineer.

Mauricio is a front-end lead software engineer based in Argentina. He joined Remotely two years ago and has been working with Minded as a Software Engineering Lead ever since. “Remotely allowed me to discover Minded, and get in contact with them in the early stage.” 

Access to vetted, early-stage startups

For Mauricio, the access Remotely provides to vetted startups is really valuable. In particular, he was interested in getting into a startup early, and being a part of the founding team – which Remotely helped him do. 

I believe that is one of the highlights from Remotely: you will find a lot of different startups in their portfolio from the earliest stage to something more growth and with different necessities.

Working on the founding team at an early-stage startup

He joined the founding engineering team at Minded, a company that’s making it easy and affordable to get the right medications for depression, anxiety, or insomnia. At Minded, he helped build the MVP and had the chance to validate product-market-fit. Now they are in the growth phase focused on scalability: balancing product improvements with supporting the high demand. Staying up-to-date with the latest technology is a critical part of his role. Mauri is fully embedded within the team, knows what’s going on with the overall business, and is connected to internal stakeholders – including the founders. “They keep the door open for you to ask questions.” 

Ongoing support from Remotely

Mauri feels like he has the best of both worlds with Remotely. He’s directly engaged in a startup where he’s working on challenging projects, and simultaneously has the support and backing of Remotely with regard to his career path as a developer.

[Remotely] keeps track of your career path, even after you are hired by one of the startups you applied to. That gives you the confidence that you’re not only working for the startup that you’re working on, but you also have someone backing you. How are you feeling about the team you’re working on, how are you feeling about the career path at the startup you’re working on. To me, that’s something important for any developer career path.

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