Santiago Moreno
Developer STORy

Santiago Moreno

DevOps Engineer
Remotely tries to figure out which is the best company for you. They care about your personal interests, meaning where you’d like your career to go, in which areas you’d like to grow, what kind of projects you like…

Santi is a Senior DevOps Engineer living in Argentina who has been working with Remotely since 2020. He’s held two roles through Remotely, having made a swift and smooth transition amidst an acquisition into a new role in the Health Tech space.

An acquisition and a new role — in weeks

Santi joined the Remotely developer community in 2020 and quickly landed a role as a Senior DevOps Engineer with Makespace, an on-demand storage company based in NYC. There, he successfully designed, implemented, and maintained an (almost) fully automated CI/CD process to assist the development teams in their everyday work and releases. A little over a year into working with Makespace, the company was acquired by Clutter and consolidated some of their operations as a part of the acquisition – which meant his role was being terminated.

I immediately pinged the guys at Remotely and talked about the situation with them… in less than a week they got me three different interviews. All really good companies, amazing projects, opportunities for growth. [Within] 2-3 weeks tops, I got an official offer for one of the startups and had arranged everything from salary to start date prior to leaving the previous company. I already knew where I was going, when and with who.

Ongoing support from Remotely

Santi explains that what differentiates Remotely is how they treat each developer in a personalized way: “[Remotely] cares, not only about the companies they work with, but also the community and the people they present to the companies…They care about your personal interests: where would you like your career to grow, which areas would you like to grow, what kind of project you like… and with all that, instead of giving you all the companies – they tell you which they think is the best match for you.” 

I’ve talked to other contractors before and other companies and software factories… it might sound bad, but they kind of make you feel like you’re just one more on the list. I don’t have that feeling here at Remotely.

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