Silvia Pelozo
Developer STORy

Silvia Pelozo

Product Engineer
My experience has always been smooth with Remotely. They took the time to understand my profile, and the kinds of environments where I could work well.

Silvia is a Product Engineer living in Argentina who has been working with Remotely for over a year. 

Finding the right environment

Silvia joined the Remotely developer community about a year ago. She quickly landed a role as a product engineer at Nirvana Health. This early-stage startup serves as a financial partner for therapists, primarily helping them streamline and centralize insurance operations.

Silvia is particularly interested in early-stage startups: “you get to do everything… I like to understand why we are doing things and to try to translate that into technical solutions.” At Nirvana, she gets involved in setting the roadmap and mapping it to technical development. Coaching other engineers is a big part of her role as well, and she enjoys having the opportunity to mentor more senior engineers in her role at Nirvana (through Remotely). “Mentoring senior engineers is a different kind of work because you don’t tell them what to do. You have to motivate them to solve things on their own and leave lots of room for them to think and do stuff.” 

"I love being close to what has to do with what are the needs we’re trying to solve with technology."

Ongoing support from Remotely

For Silvia, Remotely’s value goes well beyond connecting you to a role at a startup – it’s about the ongoing support the Remotely team provides.

Any issue, I ping someone [at Remotely], and they have a solution… I have a place to go when I need something or don’t understand something.

Silvia mentions getting support on things ranging from help throughout the interview process to local currency-related issues, and questions on how to navigate different settings at work to improve outcomes. 

“It’s not just connecting and getting you to work with a company… for example, I feel comfortable talking with Remotely if I’m not feeling good in my company. Or what are the strategies I can apply with other things I’m not comfortable with? There’s always this last option of ‘well, I got tired of all this, what other options do you have.’” Remotely takes a developer-first approach to ensure that developers are set up for success and happy in their roles. 

“[Remotely] gives you the perspective from the other side as well: what are startups thinking, how do they see your role there.” She talks about things like equity and options, and how Remotely helps explain why startups put the emphasis there – as well as helping you understand what it means to you on the other side (as the recipient of startup equity).

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