AmplifyMD partners with Remotely for an engineering team with the right mindset

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AmplifyMD is a virtual care platform that is primarily focused on increasing access to specialty care (leading specialists) in rural and community hospitals. AmplifyMD is backed by notable VCs including Greylock and Forerunner Ventures.

Amplify was introduced to Remotely via an investor, explains Nijay Patel, AmplifyMD’s CTO. “We’re a Greylock-backed startup, and Greylock actually referred us to Remotely as they’d received a lot of positive feedback from some of their portfolio companies that were already engaged with the team.” 

Building a development team with Remotely

Remotely helped Amplify build out an initial squad of developers, all based in Brazil. They began by transitioning some of the core components and product development, primarily on the physician-facing solution, to that team. “And it’s been a phenomenal experience so far.”

Since engaging with Remotely, I’d say all of my expectations have been exceeded. It’s been phenomenal…not only in terms of the recruitment and coordination. Having someone who’s really on top of things – startup life can get pretty crazy, and it’s nice to have someone keep me on track and hold me accountable to make sure we’re meeting our mutual goals.

Saving time and money with the right talent pipeline

“Remotely really took the time to understand our business and what we were looking for, not only in terms of our tech stack and what product we’re building and who we’re selling it to, but also our culture, and what are the characteristics of a developer profile that would really align well with the team we have today.”

Nijay explains, “candidates that were coming through the pipeline, we immediately had a strong culture fit. And then we could really focus on their technical aptitude and other aspects of the interviewing process.” Ultimately, this saved the team time and money – and has led to a higher-performing team. 

The Remotely difference: software engineers with the right mindset

Prior to Remotely, Amplify had been working with a team based in India–more traditional, consulting-based developers. With that team, Vijay experienced a real disconnect between what was “actually happening in the business day-to-day, the DNA and culture of the company, and what the engineers understood in their context and how they were building the product.” He explains: “Some was attributed to timezones, but I think a bigger portion was how developers perceive their role and engagement with Amplify.”

His experience with Remotely has been entirely different. “Being able to contrast the existing development team that was on a contracted basis with the mindset that the developers hired through Remotely have in terms of their engagement and ownership of the business and company … [Remotely] shines through. 

It’s not only the technical aptitude of being able to problem solve from an engineering perspective but they’re fully invested in “are we actually solving the problems for our end users.” They ask questions to understand the context and “how are we improving healthcare and bringing value to patients.” They’re very mission oriented which aligns with the rest of our team and business.

“I think that’s really important, and difficult to find in a traditional consulting or contracting engagement.” AmplifyMD brought on 7 engineers through Remotely in their first 8 months.

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