Bluecore takes a strategic approach to scaling its tech team with Remotely

Growth stage

Bluecore, an NYC-based Unicorn, is an AI-driven retail marketing platform for e-commerce brands and retailers that helps them discover their best customers and keep them for life. They do this through a combination of clever data processing, and proprietary and retail-specific machine learning models. 

Augmenting US-based engineering squads with remote talent

Bluecore connected with Remotely after deciding they needed to augment US-based engineering squads with talent in similar time zones. Recruiting in the US (NY in particular) had gotten increasingly difficult amidst a tightening of great engineers (created as pandemic hiring freezes came to an end for many companies). While Bluecore had already built a team based out of India, due to non-overlapping time zones, that team could only work on a separate product. 

The business and HR steps involved made this harder to initially think through: how do you recruit strong talent in other countries, how do you pay them, how do you manage the tax situation and contractor vs employee legalities in different countries… Remotely has solved all of this for them.

“My expectations were exceeded…The caliber of the individuals we’ve been able to hire through Remotely has been on-par if not even higher than the engineers in New York… with specific, hard-to-find skillsets.”

Hard to find skill sets like software engineers with a background in machine learning who can work on data orchestration frameworks or modern front-end development environments - things like React and Closures. “These are things we were able to find in the Remotely engineers.”

Bluecore’s Remotely engineering team

Bluecore brought on 4 Remotely engineers in their first four months and has steadily grown the team since, from Data Science Infrastructure to Applications, including Campaigns. 

Bluecore’s CTO expressed how well-respected Remotely engineers are across the team, and how he quickly came to the realization that they needed to focus on how to retain them long-term, the same way we do with the rest of our technical staff.

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