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Twentyeight Health is a mission-driven women’s healthcare platform expanding access to reproductive and sexual health services through high quality telemedicine care, a convenient online platform, and affordable options. For example, women can come onto the Twentyeight Health platform and have a visit with a doctor to get birth control, which can be delivered to them in almost all US states.  

Accessing top talent

Prior to Remotely, Bruno Van Tuykom, co-founder and CEO of Twentyeight Health, explains that recrutiing for engineering roles in particular, was a significant pain-point for them. They initially tried to recruit locally in the United States, using various channels, including direct engagement and external recruiters. However, they struggled to find good talent, and the balance between quality and cost was elusive. Then, they discovered Remotely Works, and as Bruno puts it, "the comparison was incredible."

What I really love [about Remotely]-- they've built a company before. They've been very successful; this is their second company. They know exactly what it is to be a young startup.

One of the standout aspects of Remotely Works is their understanding of the startup landscape. The team at Remotely Works has successfully built companies themselves, and that experience resonated with Bruno and his team at Twentyeight Health. There was no requirement to commit to Remotely exclusively, allowing Twentyeight Health to continue recruiting in the U.S. and compare the results.

The results spoke for themselves. The first recruit via Remotely Works took just a month, and it was a person of exceptional talent who came at a fraction of the cost of a U.S. hire.

It's been a home run. One month to recruit someone highly talented.
This is amazing probably half the cost of the US. More importantly, we found someone in a month that we couldn't in six months in the US.

Since then, Twentyeight Health has grown the team with the same model, and has stopped US recruiting for these engineering roles.

An engineering team with high retention (and happiness)

The engineering talent sourced for Twentyeight Health via Remotely Works has integrated seamlessly into the team. Regardless of where they're based, they are fully integrated and active members of the Twentyeight Health team. The Twentyeight Health team leverages offsites as one way to stay connected, and the full Remotely group will head to Cancun this November for the next in-person sync.

They're among our most happy employees. We've only had one person [from the Remotely network] leave in two years, and it was for reasons outside of Twentyeight Health or Remotely Works.

Remotely engineering team

Twentyeight Health has recruited eight people through the Remotely Works network, and relies on Remotely for the growth of its engineering team.

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