Minded takes its MVP in-house with Remotely

Health Tech
Early stage

Minded is a consumer telehealth company founded by a team of successful entrepreneurs and experts in psychiatry. They make it easy and affordable to get the right medications for depression, anxiety, or insomnia, whether you want to continue taking what works, change your prescription, or start a new treatment.

Taking an MVP in-house

Minded was introduced to Remotely when they were seeking to bring their MVP in-house (initially built in partnership with an agency), and needed to hire multiple developers to do so.

“The only hesitation on our end was whether we’d be able to partner up as quickly as needed,” explained their Head of Engineering, Luis Castañeda. In a span of two months, Minded had hired its first four engineers through Remotely. 

“The speed with which we were able to start hiring was impressive, extremely impressive. It was vital for us to assemble a team really fast…as you know, it’s something that’s almost never possible to do that fast - and successfully”

Not only were they hired and onboarded quickly, but they proved to be highly effective. “Everyone who came from Remotely understood exactly what the proper habits for successful remote work were… we did not have to train anybody or take any chances in terms of that experience…everyone understood how startup culture works. Everybody wanted to participate in the culture of the company they were helping to build.”

Remotely engineering team

Within a year, Minded had 3 engineers working from Argentina through Remotely, two of whom became people managers. The team doubled in size over the following year. 

“[Remotely] is accomplishing something that’s very difficult to accomplish: to truly have remote workers that are part of a team, are embedded within the company, and are helping you to build the culture of the company when you’re hiring them…This is the future of this kind of work.”
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