Pinata matches its pace of hiring to its explosive growth

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Pinata is the leading media management company for the creators and developers building the future of web3 – securing and moving data with #IPFS for #blockchain and #crypto applications. It’s used by over 200k developers and creatives, and more than 130 million files have been pinned with their #NFT multimedia solution. Pinata is backed by Greylock.

Increasing the pace of hiring

Pinata was experiencing explosive growth on the usage side, but struggling to hire at the pace they needed to – despite having lots of recruiters looking to find them talent. Pinata was introduced to Remotely through its investor, Greylock. 

“Once we got introduced to Remotely, the pace at which we were able to acquire developers increased drastically and the quality of candidates has been fantastic. The first week we started with Remotely, we had candidates proposed to us within a matter of days – and these were all super high-quality candidates… At worst, they are a good candidate and not a “rockstar” candidate. We haven’t gone wrong yet!” 

“I can truthfully say [Remotely] has been the best recruiting experience I’ve ever encountered.”

Handling HR & operations for remote work

The biggest unknown they had when hiring remote workers was how they would handle things like payroll, taxes, and benefits, explained Pinata’s co-founder and CTO, Matt Ober. “Remotely has made that super easy. It’s something that we don’t even think about here once we’ve hired people on. Very pleasantly surprised there.”

Kendall, an engineering manager at Pinata, explains that “a common theme [of Remotely engineers] is the very laid back attitude - happy to pick things up, kind, friendly, adaptable – very easy to work with.” In reference to one of their first hires with Remotely, she explains “he is super smart and goes above and beyond to think about the challenges handed to him – but also what’s next and what should we be working on… he’s just a machine in terms of his output. We’d love for him to stick around.” 

Remotely engineering team

Pinata brought on five Remotely developers in their first month with Remotely and has steadily been growing the team since. As a believer in rewarding performance, given the outstanding performance of Remotely hires, Pinata has awarded sizable off-cycle bonuses.

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